North East Energy Sector Careers Toolkit – Electrification

Useful resources for Careers Leaders

Electrification is the replacement of petrol and diesel engines in cars and other vehicles, within electric motors and drives.

The UK could create up to 78,000 new jobs by 2040 in the battery supply chain and electric vehicle manufacture, with the North East at the cutting edge of the sector. Manufacturing accounts for 15.3% of the North East LEP area gross value added (GVA) and 11.3% of employment. One in three cars and 26% of all electric vehicle made in the UK are produced here.

These resources have been designed to be used as starter/plenary sessions for subject lessons, connecting to relevant topics within the scheme of work or related subject specific skills.

There are links to additional resources or optional extension activities which could support a full careers lesson if desired.

Lesson resources

Careers in Electrification teacher guide

A short guide to the resources and links to the core subject curriculum.

Careers in Electrification lesson presentation

This lesson presentation includes LMI information, videos, career information and more.