Benchmark 2

Interpreting and learning from local labour market information

Every learner and their parents should have access to good quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities.

This toolkit shares advice and guidance on how to make progress towards achieving benchmark 2 in your school or college.

Understanding the labour markets

Our region, your future

This resource pack outlines key sectors and the careers in each one.

Our Economy

Insights into what makes the North East competitive.

LMI presentation playlist

We've put together a playlist of presentations to help you undertstand what LMI is and why it's useful.

Supporting resources

A summary of the North East labour market

Our infographic gives an overview of the labour market in the North East, including employment rates, average pay, employment by sector and occupation, and current vacancies. 

    The North East energy sector

    This toolkit focuses on three growing subsectors within the North East Energy sector, highlighting a range of job roles, skills, and routes into careers.

    Industry Insights Sessions

    This resource provides information for teachers and careers leads and is suitable for sharing with learners.

    Benchmark 2 resources

    Achieve your ambition with these schemes and providers.


    Benchmark 2 events

    Browse upcoming regional benchmark 2 events.


    We’ve collated a list of providers and organisations who can help to inspire and provide young people with an insight to the world of work.