Career benchmark audit tool

Use our self-evaluation tool for careers guidance provision.

Why use our Audit Tool?

Our audit tool gives Careers Leaders the opportunity to analyse your school’s strengths and weaknesses with regards to your whole school careers provision.

With this analysis, you can then use our Action Plan template to ensure your school is able to progress towards the full achievement of the eight Benchmarks.

This progress can be tracked over time to highlight improvement. You can also document the evidence upon which you have based your evaluation.

Benefits of the tool

  • Provides a comprehensive overview of your school’s career guidance provision
  • Highlights areas of strength for reporting to stakeholders
  • Demonstrates areas of development for improvement
  • Allows you to document the evidence upon which you have based your decisions
  • Provides an action plan template
  • Allows you to chart progress and improvement over time

What is involved?

The audit tool involves self-evaluation and captures detail of evidence-based decision making. Before you get started, here are some things you should have considered and have at-hand:

  • Knowledge of the benchmarks
  • Notes of areas you have "Achieved", "Partially Achieved" or "Not Achieved"
  • Evidence base of your work
  • Considerations and insights from key stakeholders, e.g., SLT members and governors

You have the option to start with any benchmark you wish but it is important that you complete all sections (all 8 benchmarks). You can save your audit to complete at a later date; store your results and monitor your progress over time; and compare with regional averages.

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