The Buzz Quiz

A personality quiz designed to increase your awareness of your natural strengths, how you work in teams and what courses or jobs might suit you best.

Why is personality important?

Focusing on personality helps us achieve this more than focusing on skills and knowledge. Although important, skills and knowledge need to be regularly updated throughout our lives.

Choosing a course or job based only on our current skills misses so much about what makes us human. By exploring personality animals, we glimpse our values, beliefs, identity, future, and underlying potential.

What kinds of jobs and careers would be a good match for you?

Answer a series of quick-fire questions to discover answers that will help you think about what kind of jobs and careers would be a good match for you.

Take the quiz to discover:

  • which personality animal you are
  • your natural strengths
  • how you like to learn
  • how you work in teams
  • how to reduce stress
  • which jobs and courses best suit you

You could even learn about your friends and family too!

It only takes a few minutes to complete the quiz. The average is four minutes.

About The Buzz Quiz

North East Ambition is proud to host The Buzz. The quiz was created by David Hodgson and is officially licenced to NELEP.

David was a Careers Adviser for 20 years. During this time, he met some young people that knew what course or career they wanted to follow. Most were less sure. He explored different approaches that might be helpful and attended many training courses. He tried and tested different approaches with teenagers and by far the best were personality type (Carl Jung) and Temperament (Keirsey).

After a lot of positive feedback, David began to develop his own resources using the models he tested and over a period of 10 years, he developed The Buzz book and more recently The Buzz Quiz Online. 

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