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Case study: Blyth STEM Hub and Blyth Partnership of Schools

Can we address the significant knowledge gaps in parents/carers (and school staff) around employment opportunities
and skills requirements in a locality?
The communities in and around Blyth have some of the most disadvantaged lower super output
areas (LSOA) with associated low levels of educational attainment, relatively low employment,
high income deprivation and relatively poor health outcomes. Despite progress in raising the
attainment of children and young people in Northumberland overall, there is a significant gap
between the most and least advantaged areas in education, employment and health indicators.
Energy Central is concerned with the economic regeneration of the North of Tyne Combined
Authority (NTCA) geography in general and South East Northumberland/Blyth, in particular
through business growth associated with offshore and renewable energy and engineering. A


significant number of new, high value jobs are expected to be created in the short/medium term
relating to the engineering, manufacturing and digital technology needs of these businesses.
More recently, the potentially transformational investment in a Giga Factory – building the next
generation of electric car batteries – by British Volt in Blyth itself confirmed the need to establish
long-term, sustainable pathways to employment into these sectors and industries.