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Case study: Cassidy Forsythe

About Cassidy Forsythe

Based in Sunderland, Cassidy Forsythe specialises in producing 3D models and 2D drawings for planning applications and road and drainage design.


Cassidy Forsythe was looking to employ staff to support the growth of the business but, due to the skills shortage in the construction industry, the company were finding this to be a challenge.


Through the North East Ambition programme, Skills Facilitator Rochelle supported Cassidy Forsythe Ltd in recruiting individuals through the Kickstart Scheme. Rochelle introduced the scheme and its benefits.

Rochelle supported Martin, Director at Cassidy Forsythe, with the application form for the four Kickstart roles, compiling job descriptions as well as putting together the employability support. Upon approval of the application, Rochelle supported with creating the advert, promoting the roles across the stakeholder network and social media. 

Rochelle also represented Cassidy Forsythe at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) ‘meet the employer’ event to highlight Cassidy Forsythe as an employer and to promote the opportunities available with them and the progression available. This generated increased referrals for the design roles and led to successful appointments for the three vacancies. Rochelle kept in regular contact with Martin and addressed any queries and facilitated the entire process. 

Rochelle also supported Cassidy Forsythe with CPD opportunities for their existing apprentices and new recruits. Upon completion of the Kickstart placements, Rochelle has  identified apprenticeship standards and career progression opportunities within the business to match their career aspirations.


The business recruited four Kickstart placements, including three CAD Assistants and one Marketing Assistant.

The programme supported existing marketing apprentices with CPD opportunities to complement their apprenticeship.

The new recruits were supported through the Kickstart Scheme with employability skills and CPD opportunities.

As a result, all of the recruits employed through the Kickstart scheme are going to be offered salaried positions, now that the business has the resource to attract and carry out more work, which has directly influenced the business’s overall turnover.

Cassidy Forsythe Ltd plan to take advantage of any future DWP schemes to get people into work. They currently have two apprentices working and progressing well and intend to take on more as and when finances allow. The experience of recruiting through apprentices and the Kickstart Scheme has demonstrated that they can grow the business by adopting this model.

"I am already talking to existing clients about being able to take on more work due to having new, skilled workers. The clients are struggling with a national shortage of skilled people and are very happy that I will be able to add new people to my workforce. 

I have found the Kickstart process very beneficial and with the help of our Skills Facilitator, Rochelle, at North East Ambition, the whole process was made very easy to navigate. Without the Kickstart scheme I would not be able to take on new people and I would struggle to be able to grow my business as quickly as I would like." - Martin Young, Director at Cassidy Forsythe Ltd

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