Explore the Workplace

Access a range of virtual workplace tours of companies based around the North East.

Company inductions and workplace tours can be delivered in various ways; face to face, live virtual or virtual pre-recorded. Pre-recorded content can be captured simply on film using a mobile device or 360 tours of the workplace can be developed. If you would like support to consider what option may be most suitable for your organisation, please use the contact form to get in touch with a member of the North East Ambition team.

Employers looking to develop their own virtual company induction material, may wish to follow a similar structure to that in the video resources. Further guidance on creating virtual workplace tours including suggested content and duration can be found in the facilitator's guide in Module 3.

360 workplace tours can be accessed via web browsers on mobile or desktop devices, in addition can be viewed using Virtual Reality equipment for an immersive experience.

Public Sector

Navigate your way around the Civil Service and meet a range of employees from vaious departments, discovering more about job roles and career opportunities. 

Culture and Arts Sector

Explore the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens meeting a range of employees, learning more about career pathways and job opportunities.


Navigate your way around the Harrison and Brown department store, discovering the roles of key individuals within the organisation.


Build your work experience by exploring the workplace and a range of careers at one of Bowmer & Kirkland’s North East construction sites.

Advanced Manufacturing

Explore the Unipres automotive manufacturing plant and learn more about the different job roles and career pathways that are available in the sector.

Health and Social Care

Navigate your way around Durham Care and meet a range of employees describing their roles and career pathways open to you within the sector.

Workplace tours used as part of the Work Experience Framework pilot (January – April 2021) have been developed in partnership with 360 Big Sky Media and partially funded by the Careers and Enterprise Company.

Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens photo by Reading Tom on Flickr.